Single Malt Whisky

Single Malt Whisky is Whisky made exclusively of malted barley (malt) at one single distillery.

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Ballechin 10yo 2010/2020 SV TBD

Ballechin 10yo 2010/2020 (58.9%, Signatory Vintage for The Bonding Dram & others, first Fill Sherry Butt #195, 339 bottles)
€78.51 excl VAT

Balmenach 11yo TWM Parlement

Balmenach 11yo 2010/2021 (49.9%, The Whisky Mercenary for 't Parlement Belgium, Refill Sherry Butt, 212 bottles)
€74.38 excl VAT

Blair Athol 12yo Dram Mor for TWM

Blair Athol 12yo (55.5%, Dram Mor for The Whisky Mercenary, Bourbon Hogshead #70028554, 307 bottles)
€70.25 excl VAT

Braeval 23yo for Belgium

Braeval 23yo 1994/2018 (48%, Rest & be Thankful Whisky Company for Wine4you Belgium, Bourbon Cask #165602, 219 bottles)
€106.61 excl VAT