Single Malt Whisky

Single Malt Whisky is Whisky made exclusively of malted barley (malt) at one single distillery.

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Strathmill 12yo F&F

Strathmill 12yo (43%, OB, Flora & Fauna)
€65.00 incl VAT

Talisker 30yo 2011 release

Talisker 30yo (45.8%, OB 2011, 2964 bottles)
€699.00 incl VAT

The Nameless Two 2007/2016

The Nameless Two 2007/2016 (51.3%, The Whisky Mercenary, Peated Unknown Single Island Malt Scotch Whisky)
€85.00 incl VAT

Wolfburn 5yo 2014/2019 for Belux

Wolfburn 5yo 2014/2019 (57.1%, OB for Belgium & Luxembourg, quarter cask #2014/767, 320 bottles)
€80.01 incl VAT