Belgium Exclusives

We offer a lot of exclusives for the Belgian market. The Bonding Dram has even bottled a lot ‘for The Bonding Dram’ exclusives since it started in 2007. Here you can find a full list of our own bottlings and the ones we helped selecting for various projects. Some will be very hard to track down!

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Smoking Buffalo SB10 10yo 2008/2018

Ardmore 10yo 2008/2018 (56.8%, Whisky Bart & TBD, Smoking Buffalo X, Bourbon Barrel #702427, 265 bottles)
€85.00 incl VAT

The Nameless Two 2007/2016

The Nameless Two 2007/2016 (51.3%, The Whisky Mercenary, Peated Unknown Single Island Malt Scotch Whisky)
€85.00 incl VAT

Trinidad 25yo 1991/2016 Rum DD

Trinidad 25yo 1991/2016 (51.7%, The Nectar of the Daily Drams)
€174.00 incl VAT

Wolfburn 5yo 2014/2019 for Belux

Wolfburn 5yo 2014/2019 (57.1%, OB for Belgium & Luxembourg, quarter cask #2014/767, 320 bottles)
€80.01 incl VAT